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About us

“EUROMETAL” SH.P.K. was established in 1997 as a manufacturing company of metal products. The owner of the company is Mr. Njazi Musliu. Since the beginning of the activity, the company has been engaged in the production of metal products, such as vertical / horizontal gutters, snow guards, exits, etc. Later, the enterprise expanded and engaged working teams who carried out the assembly of the produced materials.

The company has started the activity with only two employees, claiming growth, where it also happened with the opening of the production department. Now our company has about 101 full-time employees. The workers are divided according to the hierarchy which the company has developed according to the needs, where the workers are distributed across the lines the products, as well as the assembly teams which perform the field services. The company also has a professional staff of mechanical engineers, construction engineers, and a graduate architect.

Until 2007, the company carried out its activities in the premises of the Agricultural Cooperative Talinovci in the village Talinovc of Muhaxhirëve – Ferizaj. Whereas, from 2007 until today, the activities take place in the village of Babush i Ri – Ferizaj. In the same year, the company has expanded its production line, bringing machinery to produce metal structures. Where with this the company has the capacity to make the production and assembly of a complete object, starting from metal beams, trusses, panel cladding, insulation with elements from sheet metal, and all other necessary elements from metals.

The company now owns three departments:

Department of Design
Department of Metal Constructions,
Department of Metal Sheet
Department of Coating

23 Year Experience Since 1997